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Mission Statement

Our Aspiration:   

The mission of Sunset Ranch Elementary, an innovative and community-centered school, is to empower our students and staff to be passionate learners striving towards personal excellence through a system distinguished by:

  • A culture of inclusion and collaboration among all students, staff, families, and the greater community;
  • The development of self-reliant and civic-minded critical thinkers;
  • A caring environment that fosters academic, physical, emotional, and social growth;
  • The use of dynamic, engaging, and relevant practices that redefine learning.


  • Students will explore and engage their interests in a range of learning experiences across a variety of disciplines.
  • Students will meet and exceed their academic potential through the use of differentiated curriculum and instruction.
  • Students will demonstrate perseverance and resiliency when facing challenges.
  • Students will apply and connect their learning to a real world purpose.
  • Students and staff will have opportunities to teach others what they have learned.