I'm located at Sunset Ranch & Rock Creek Elementary Schools!

I'm located at Sunset Ranch & Rock Creek Elementary Schools! iconI'm located at Sunset Ranch & Rock Creek Elementary Schools!title

The Visual And Performing Arts program in the elementary schools of the Rocklin Unified School District was originally imported from the Chico area over 25 years ago!  Thanks to huge parental support, our ARTS program still ROCKS in a big way!

All elementary schools at this time have credentialed specialists with a VAPA room to which each of the K through 6th grade classes come, 12 half days a year.  (This year, however, we also have to 'push in' to some classes due to our large student population).  The program is based on the California Standards for Visual and Performing Arts and provides students with a basis in art, music, dance and drama for their further required art education in the middle school and high school(s).

Very strong research that became available May 16th, 2009 through NAEP is available on the internet explaining how the arts help students be better learners and how the arts enhance skill development. Select www.aep-arts.org and click on "Critical Links." Scroll to the summary by James Catterall.

In addition, in November of 2015, legislation in Washington, D.C. voted to change STEM to STEAM - taking only 4 minutes to decide that the ARTS are necessary to developing a long life learner and rounded student.  See attached link: