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 NEW! If you would like extra homework/ home support, CLICK HERE, to download a yearly homework bundle. Scroll to the month, and print the section to complete :)
Book Bag/ Word Ring: Book Bags will begin coming home on Tuesday, 9/8. Please practice the ring and books inside DAILY! Make sure to bring your book bag to school EVERYDAY! In the morning we will unpack these into our cubbies for reading groups during school. :)
LEXIA: 15 minutes 3 times a week
NOTE: When the homework is a game, I do not expect you to send in all the game pieces, just some confirmation that your child played it, like a note stating the assignment and that you have completed it (it can even be an email from you or a photo of your child playing the game).
Math workbook: (if any of you have misplaced these, you can access the digital version on the home page of our SHUTTERFLY site. I cannot post this on our school site since it is not private and we pay for the curriculum)
Assigned 2/10, Due: 2/17:
  • Valentine Box Homework:  Valentine mailboxes and cards are due.  If you haven’t already turned them in, please send mailboxes and cards on Monday, February 13th so we can start delivering valentines.
  • Math Workbook: Unit 4, Module 1, Session 5 ~ Ordering and Comparing Numbers (2 pages) AND Unit 4, Module 2, Session 2~ Fours & Fives (2 pages) – due Friday, February 17th
  • Continue with Lexia, Book Bags and Word Rings!!!  Another assessment period is approaching! Make sure you are practicing sight words and reading DAILY!!! Please begin to review past/ cut words to refresh 
Assigned 2/3, Due: 2/10:
  • Valentine Box Homework: As a family project we are asking you and your child to create a Valentine Mailbox. There is  pink note in your child’s Friday Bag with the details. Please turn the boxes in on Thursday, February 9th. Please do not send them in earlier because we do not have room to store them
  • Continue with Lexia, Book Bags and Word Rings!!! Another assessment period is approaching! Make sure you are practicing sight words and reading DAILY!!! Please begin to review past/ cut words to refresh 
Assigned 1/27, Due: 2/3:
  • 100th Day Homework (was in your child’s Wednesday Folder, 1/25) - the assignment is to choose and count 100 of any object or food item at home, illustrate it on the sheet provided, and answer the questions  Please do not send in your collection, however you may take a pic and email it to me…I am going to share the sheets and pics next week while we are celebrating our 100th day of school!
  • Water Cycle Homework (attached google form and in your child’s Friday bag) – Please have your child watch the embedded water cycle video and answer the questions.  There will also be a water cycle book and half sheet model in your child's Friday bag that you can review and/or complete with your child.
Assigned: 1/20, Due: 1/27:
  • Math workbook: Unit 3, Module 4, Session 5: What Comes Next? (2 pages) & Unit 4, Module 1, Session 2: Double It! (4 pages).
Upcoming Events

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  • Tuesday, 2/14 (Bruice), Wednesday, 2/15 (Stowers and Hudspeth), Thursday, Feb. 16 (Kirk and Bauer): Dance Shows!!!
  •  Tuesday, Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day (look for more info about our Valentine’s Day party on shutterfly)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 14: Six Flags reading forms due
  • February 20-24: NO SCHOOL~ PRESIDENTS WEEK

Class Announcements

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Please make sure to send in your 75$ class donation for field trips, class shirts, etc.
Mondays: Remember to wear your SEAL CLASS SHIRTS each Monday in addition to all field trips!
Fridays: Every Friday is spirit day! Wear SR Coyote apparel, school colors, or your favorite sports apparel!
Monthly Themes and Activities

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August: School Rules, Routines, Citizenship
September: AlphaFriends (alphabet), Wheels on the bus, Colors, Apples/Johnny Appleseed, Senses
October: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (alphabet), Pumpkins, Farm, 3 little pigs (compare/contrast)
November: Autumn, Past and Present (First Thanksgiving).
December: Gingerbread (compare and contrast), Holiday Traditions
January: Weather/ Seasons, Penguins (fiction and non-fiction), Martin Luther King Jr., 100th Day of School.
February: Chinese New Year, Friendship/ Valentines, State and US Symbols, Presidents
March: Dr. Seuss/ Rhyming, Tree Homes Unit, St. Patty's
April: Earth Day, Oviparous Animals, Life Cycles, CHICKS!
May: Ocean Unit, Plants, Artists, Open House