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Bookbags will go home with your child everyday except Friday.  Please practice the word ring and book that are inside.  Make sure to put them back in the bag for the following day.


• Continue to practice reading books and sight words in book bags every weeknight (I am beginning to meet with the students individually to assess their learning. Therefore, I will only meet with reading groups once each week to give them new books.)
• Continue to use Lexia on a regular basis (preferably 15 minutes each weeknight)
Upcoming Events

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  • 1/16 NO SCHOOL ~ MLK, Jr. Day
  • 1/31 100th Day
  • 2/20 - 2/24 NO SCHOOL ~ President's Week

Class Announcements

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Mondays - Remember to wear your Raccoon Class shirt every Monday and to all field trips
Fridays -   Wear your Sunset Ranch coyote spirit wear or your favorite sports apparel
Monthly Themes and Activities

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August - School Rules, Routines, Citizenship
September - Alphafriends (alphabet), Wheels on the Bus, Colors, Apples/Johnny Appleseed, Senses
October - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (alphabet), Pumpkins, Farm, 3 Little Pigs (compare/contrast)
November - Past/present, The First Thanksgiving, Turkeys
December - Gingerbread stories (compare/contrast), holidays around the world
January - weather/seasons, snow, snowmen, penguins, Chinese New Year
February - presidents, national/state symbols
March - habitats (forest animals), Dr. Seuss
April - chicks (lifecycles/oviparous animals), insects (lifecycles), nursery rhymes, earth day (recycling)
May - sea life